Gienger Liniment care Intense 100ml

rich in zinc oxide Liniment Gifer against redness of head.
Manufacturer: Gifrer
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SKU 6655156 Gienger Liniment care Intense 100ml


Liniment is a specific treatment for baby hygiene, it is ideally used when the Exchange. Gienger Liniment Intense care is enriched with zinc oxide and Chamomile, suited for redness of the seat.

liniment intense care is suitable for baby's bottom redness, thanks to its formula enriched with zinc oxide and Chamomile to soothing properties. It is insulating protection against assaults of feces and urine.

operating Gienger Liniment Intense care tips:

Use liniment to clean the baby seat. Does not rinse.


Contains the extra virgin olive oil first pressure cold water, lime, and zinc oxide (10%) and Chamomile.

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