Gienger herbal breastfeeding 20 sachets

Herbal tea with green anise, fenugreek and licorice, promoting lactation during breastfeeding.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 9750613 Gienger herbal breastfeeding 20 sachets


This herbal tea Gienger is recommended during lactation with anise which helps to promote the production of breast milk as well as licorice used to aid digestion. This herbal tea also contains of fenugreek. All these plants are derived from organic agriculture.

Tips for using herbal breastfeeding 20 sachets:

BREW into a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. for optimum effect, we recommend to take an infusion of 4 bags per day it is possible to spread over the day. contains liquorice, people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive intake.


Green anise * (Pimpinella anisum l.), fenugreek * (Trigonella foenum-graecum l.), licorice * < br />(Glycyrrhiza_glabra_L.), natural aroma of lime, citric acid (E 330), flavour: essential oil of lemon yellow *. * from organic agriculture