Gienger Cranberry Format economic 30 tablets

cranberry reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 9859480 Gienger Cranberry Format economic 30 pills


Cranberry, is its anglo-saxon name. In France, it is called Cranberry or "big red huckleberry". Bitter and tart at the same time, this small red berry is known in the United States for decades. These juices are thirst quenching drinks, but are also well known for their health benefits.

This from the herbal medicine herbal dietary supplement to prevent urinary tract infections. rich in antioxidants are protective agents: these are vitamins C, E, provitamin A, selenium, zinc. They fight the free radicals, causes of biological aging. antioxidants are found in tissues and are provided by food, this food supplement brings you 36mg cap per pill per day.

Cranberry Format economic operating tips:

Take 1 tablet per day preferably at breakfast with a glass of water.