Gienger appetite Solution drinkable 125ml

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Gienger appetite oral Solution 125 Ml


Oral solution GIENGER APPETITE is indicated for people in lack of appetite. GIENGER APPETITE is formulated without added with sugars, gentian that helps to naturally stimulate the appetite and participates in a better digestive comfort. It contains fenugreek and ginger. Vanilla taste. This product is a dietary supplement. Gentian helps stimulate appetite and is traditionally used to facilitate digestive comfort.

directions for use:

For adults and children from 3 years: take a spoon (15 ml) once daily. Not recommended for expectant mothers due to the presence of fenugreek. Indication: Stimulate the appetite naturally.


For 15 ml water - thickener Glycerin - Gentiana lutea L. extract of gentian yellow 75 mg - Trigonella foenum-graecum L. extract of fenugreek 50 mg - Zingiber officinale Roscoe ginger extract 30 mg - conservative Sorbate of potassium - vanilla aroma - Acidifiant citric acid.


Bottle 125ml.