Gienger Almavox 180ml syrup

Soothes the throat and gives a pleasant on the vocal effect

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 6449505 Gienger Almavox 180 Ml syrup


ALMAVOX syrup contains propolis, plant resin manufactured by bees, by * Marshmallow that soothes the throat and gives a nice effect on the vocal cords. Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue. This product is a dietary supplement.

directions for use:

Oral. Children after 3 years and adults: 10 ml, 4 times per day. Use the measuring cup attached to the packaging for the determination of the syrup. The consumption of this food supplement must be accompanied by a varied diet. For more information, read the packaging case.


Thickeners: maltitol syrup, Glycerol - water - extract of Propolis (2000 mg) - Althaea officinalis L. extract of Marshmallow (400 mg) - vitamin: acid ascorbique(80mg) - preservative: potassium Sorbate - flavouring: Tutti frutti - Mineral aroma: (6 mg Zn) zinc Gluconate - sweeteners: steviol Glycosides. Acesulfame K. Sucralose


180 ml bottle