Gestarelle G pregnancy 30 capsules

For the proper development of the fetus and pregnancy balanced
Manufacturer: Iprad


SKU 9836562 Gestarelle G pregnancy 30 capsules

Thanks to its formula complete and adapted, Gestarelle G pregnancy brings you daily nutrients for a balanced pregnancy and for the healthy development of your baby.

when use Gestarelle pregnancy?
From the desire of child and during all the pregnancy.

operating tips :
1 capsule per day with a glass of water in the middle of lunch.

Composition :
For a capsule
folic Acid: 400
Iodine: 150
Iron: 14 mg
Omega 3: 288 mg
including E.P.A: 115 mg
vitamin B2: 1, 4 mg
vitamin B5 : 6mg
Vitamin B6: 1, 4mg
Biotin: 50
Vitamin B12: 0, 4
Vitamin C: 80mg
Vitamin E: 12mg
Magnesium: 56, 25mg
Copper: 1 mg

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