Gerimax Ginseng tonic - 30 tablets

Food supplement made from Ginseng to combat stress and the lack of concentration.

Manufacturer: Gerimax

SKU: 7507989 Gerimax tonic Ginseng - 30 tablets

Ginseng EMG , Merck laboratories Gerimax-based food supplement is indicated to satisfy our energy needs during intense concentration phase.

Description of Gerimax tonic:

Food supplement of the Merck Mdication Familiale laboratory, tonic Gerimax is specially indicated to meet the needs of our body during intense concentration (exams, competitions, presentations in business, intensive intellectual work).

Ginseng GGE

the Ginseng used in the formulation of tonic Gerimax is approved EMG . CE meets a rigorous and perfectly controlled quality Charter:

  • used ginseng must be of a particular species "Panax Meyer"
  • its origin and its culture are controlled systematiquemen
  • Finally, its active substance content must be constant

Gerimax there is also oral solution gerimax tonic solution buvale

the virtues of Ginseng

more generally, the medicinal benefits of ginseng Act on our body in different areas :

  • Concentration, improves the intellectual liveliness and coordination
  • from stress, ginseng participates in the reduction of stress
  • Pyisque and energy, ginseng helps to maintain your physical abilities and your energy capital

caution for use of this dietary supplement

Sanareva pharmacists want to wear your attention the precautions for use related to the use of tonic Gerimax:

this food supplement is recommended for pregnant women and children. Because of the presence of ginseng in gerimax, this add-in is strongly discouraged in people prone to high blood pressure. Doubt asked Council to your pharmacist or by email at Sanareva pharmacists.

a dietary supplement should not prevent you from maintaining a correct and balanced nutrition.