Gerimax boosts energy taste Cola 240 ml

Provides kick-start immediate to help overcome declines of regime of daily life
Manufacturer: Gerimax


SKU 4336292 Gerimax boosts energy Cola 240 ml

GERIMAX INSTANT ENERGY provides an immediate boost to help overcome declines of regime of daily life:
-during physical exertion,
-during periods of intense concentration
Taste cola.

operating tips:
1 dose of 30ml, 1-2 times per day.
with sugars and sweeteners. High caffeine content (333 mg / 100 ml).

each dose of GERIMAX INSTANT ENERGY provides 30 mg of extract of Ginseng EMG stimulating physical and intellectual properties demonstrated scientifically, guarana source of caffeine and glucose energy source the most direct and fastest usable by the body.

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