Gerimax Active Energy adults 30 tablets

Response fatigue physical or intellectual States ginseng

Manufacturer: Gerimax

SKU: 6623340 Gerimax Active l energy adults 30 tablets

INDICATIONS: each tablet of GERIMAX brings 85 mg of ginseng GGE whose action on physical and intellectual abilities demonstrated scientifically, and an extract from the green. supplementation of 11 vitamins and 8 minerals that magnesium helps to restore deep systems. energy balance OPERATING TIPS: 1 tablet daily in the morning or noon. To reap the best benefits of GERIMAX, it is recommended a life of 30 to 60 days after. Gerimax do is annul not to a balanced diet, is not recommended for the pregnant woman and the child. COMPOSITION: for 1 tablet extract ginseng EMG 85 mg standardized green tea extract 37.2 mg vitamins : lives A 800g vit B1 1.4 mg vit B2 1.6 mg nicotinamide 18 mg acid 6 mg Pantothenic vit B6 2 mg folic acid 200 g vit B12 1g vit D 5g vit C 60 mg vit E 10 mg minerals: magnesium 250 mg zinc 15 mg iron 10 mg manganese 2.5 mg copper 2 mg selenium 50 g 45 g molybdenum chrome 25 g