GeloSitin care Nasal 15ml

Nasal oil with essences of orange and lemon to take care of the nasal hygiene.

Manufacturer: Pohl Boskamp

SKU: 4716729 GeloSitin care Nasal 15ml

Our body needs oxygen to live. It is through the nose that the air is pretaite. The nose purifies the air, heats and moistens it. In order to do this, the nose is lined by a mucous membrane. However, it is subject to stressful attacks as dry air heaters and air conditioners, dust, smoke... Thus, the mucous membranes from drying out and protective functions that it must exercise can no longer be carried out. Itching or burning can appear. Therefore, it is necessary to treat nasal hygiene and take a suitable product.


GeloSitin is a nasal care. It is a completely natural oil, orange and lemon essences, intended to treat the dry mucous membranes or injured. Indeed, this oil provides the nose sustainable flexibility and detaches smooth crusts and phlegm.

Nasal oil protects long duration of the mucous membranes from drying out. The injured skin can regenerate. The mucous membranes are supported in their daily struggle against toxic substances and pathogens.

Mucous membranes are well fortified and irritations are allayed.

Additionally, the pleasant aroma of the nasal care GeloSitin provides a delicate feeling of freshness in the nasal and throat.

GeloSitin care Nasal operating tips:

With the sprayer Cap drill the operculum of the solution then follow the on the solution bottle. Then, spray each nostril.

As needed, 1 to 2 sprays in each nostril several times per day.


Do not administer to children under 3 years.

After opening the bottle, it is advisable to use GeloSitin within a period of 6 to 7 weeks.