Garancia Spring Water 50ml

Fragrance powdery scents aromatic and antioxidant treatment patented

Manufacturer: Garancia

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Garancia Sourcery 50 ml water

Overview : between fairy tale and reality, this fragrance is a tribute to the "megaceros" who were of gigantic and magnificent deer more than 3 m high, that seemed straight out of a legend, but that actually existed and today disappeared from our planet. fairy tale recounted that these big animals, called also great spirits of Nature , were the guardians of a secret since the dawn of time: the existence of a magical source which the eternal leads youth: water of Sourcery. for a bewitching wake : spray water of witchcraft on the points of pulsation of your body (inside of the wrists, bend the elbows and knees, neck and neckline, hair). Avoid eyes.