Garancia Pschitt Magique 100ml


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Garancia Pschitt magic 100 ml


Micropeeling without grain to biological action cleans, refines and refreshes your skin.Your skin texture appears thinner, younger and perfectly cleaned.Pschitt magic, a new generation of micropeeling without grain and biological action for daily cleaning of the skin.

Micropelloff X 3 botanical composition

Pschitt magic contains an exclusive asset - Micropelloff X 3 which combines 6 botanical extracts with high concentration with a crystalline biological action enzyme Micropellof X 3 a revolutionary enzyme was crystallized and cross-linked in order to be stabilized and can be incorporated into this preparation cosmetic. This hypoallergenic, with fabulous powers enzyme Exfoliating and regenerating cell has been tested clinically. It will melt your dead cells and give your skin the ability to regenerate from the inside every day.

selection of 6 organic extracts with high concentration:

floral Witch Hazel water rich in tannins and flavonoids, Witch Hazel has protective and toning properties on the small superficial vessels of the epidermis that tend to burst.

floral rose waters it is traditionally used to keep the complexion. It purifies and rebalances the sensitive skin thanks to its astringent properties.

water floral Blueberry refreshing, decongestant and softening, it is particularly suited to soothe sensitive skin.

Green tea extract rich in polyphenols, vitamins C and B, it presents a tonic action in the care of the tired skins.

Cucumber pulp very rich in vitamin C, cucumber extract is purifying, decongestant and moisturizing. It's a good conditioner and firming released skins.


original lemon fresh juices extract obtained by flash distillation, it is toning, brightening and astringent.

directions for use:

is used every day, in the morning or the evening after his cleansing. Apply on dry skin:

  • 2 pressures in the Palm of your hand previously moistened evenly on the face by effleurage.
  • leave 30 seconds: foam bottom gradually
  • rinse.


-Free, neutral SOAP to be suitable even for sensitive skin formula 1 vial corresponds to about 2 months of use (daily use: 2 pressure/care)