Garancia devilish tomato 30ml

Cream moisturizers active water 24 hours good anti-aging mine

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Garancia devilish tomato 30ml

Overview : beautiful skin is well moisturized skin. Its soft and bounced finish is directly linked to its water content fiendish tomato is a real full beauty treatment of moisturizing ultra asset, anti-aging and good-looking the amazing texture, naturally colored, turns into water at the first tapoment's finger! ... it literally melts on skin, smooth... Devilishly "pulpy". this magic potion, drawn to the heart of the plant, has an orange red color, 100% natural, giving naturally good-looking, without foundation. It takes its source in one of the most valuable carotenes for skin: lycopene from tomato. Highly antioxidant, it protects the skin from aging and free radicals generated by the UV. No dye has been added. operating tips : Morning and evening, alone or after the Mysterious Plumping serum