Garancia Cure Express Marabout 10 days

Foaming paste, serum and cream to purify, detoxify, treat and mattify the skin.

Manufacturer: Garancia

SKU: 5188078

Garancia Cure Express Marabout 10 days (3 products: 20g, 5ml, 10ml)

Teens aren't the only ones prone to blemishes. With stress, pollution, hormonal cycles, the skin can become sensitive to imperfections such as small buttons, large pores, excess sebum.

Garancia laboratory has therefore developed a Cure Express Marabout in 10 days with 3 products to remove these imperfections.

Garancia sulphurous Marabout 20g paste:



Sufureuse pulp of marabou is a foaming paste to apply in the evening. This foaming paste allows you to:

  • purifier,

  • detoxify the skin.

It removes the white impurities and excess sebum and tightens the pores from the first application.

operating tips:

Apply the foaming paste daily evening.

5 ml Marabout Exilir:


The Exilir of Marabout is a concentrated serum anti-blemish. This serum helps to treat imperfections in just 10 days.

Pimples and pores are eliminated. The skin becomes soft and smooth.

operating tips:

Use the serum every day morning and evening.

le Chardon and Marabout 10 ml:


The Thistle and the Marabout is a cream bb to the cicatrisone:

  • to repair skin,

  • anti-aging,

  • mattifying,

  • complexion Perfector.

It is a restorative care to repair small unsightly marks left by the imperfections. The effect is immediate.

operating tips:

Apply daily cream morning and evening on the face previously cleaned.