Galliagest milk 2nd Age 800g

Specific digestive discomfort milk
Manufacturer: Gallia
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SKU 9975157 Galliagest milk 2nd Age 800g

properties of the Galliagest 2nd age:

the first year your child's digestive tract is not yet fully developed, this is why your baby may show some signs of digestion difficult as of crying, the gas, the bloating or abdominal pain.

To compensate for these digestive problems, the Gallia laboratory wanted a milk to facilitate digestion, it comes to this milk: galliagest premium. It allows a digestion easier, and thanks to its composition containing lactase. Thickened texture also decreases the risk of releases. Despite its composition facilitating digestion, it brings to the nursery all specific nutritional needs that it needs from 6 months to 1 year.

Tips for using the Galliagest 2nd age:

your child bottles must be prepared just before feeding. Indeed, once reconstituted, the milk should be consumed within 30 minutes.

Conservation: once opened the box of milk should be stored in a cool, dry for 4 months maximum.


skim milk
partially demineralized whey
vegetable fats (rapeseed, copra, Palm, sunflower)
starch (maize, potato)
emulsifier: soya lecithin
antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols
vitamins: A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, PP, B6, folic acid, B12, biotin, calcium pantothenate , K1
minerals: calcium, potassium, sodium and choline citrate; magnesium chloride, calcium, calcium hydrogen phosphate potassium phosphate, sulphate of iron, zinc, copper and manganese. sodium bicarbonate, potassium iodide.

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