Gallia alma milk 2nd Age 1.2 kg

Milk Gallia 6 to 12 months bringing all the essential nutrients your baby.
Manufacturer: Gallia
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SKU 6244677 Gallia alma milk 2nd Age 1.2 kg

Properties Gallia alma milk 2nd age:

Milk powder Gallia alma 2nd age is a formula designed for infants 6 to 12 months that the formula has been thickened.
laboratories specially formulated this milk to allow the infant to have a balanced and harmonious croissace. This milk can fit into the preparations of milk such as desserts and the puree.
, allowing the good development of baby, thanks to the contribution of essential nutrients, it is at the base of a varied and balanced diet.

use Gallia alma milk Board 2nd age:
prepare the bottle just before the meal according to the following dosage: 1 measure of milk Gallia 2nd age to 30 ml of water.
it is recommended to consume the bottle before the half-hour following its preperation. Once the delay of 30 minutes passed, the rest of the bottle is to throw.

Conservation Gallia alma 2nd age:
keeps The box 4 weeks after opening.

Composition Gallia alma 2nd age:
skim milk,
vegetable fat (Palm, coconut, colza, sunflower),
demineralised whey,
L-tryptophan ,
soy lecithin,
extract rich in tocopherols,
vitamins: A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, PP, B6, B12, K1
folic acid,
calcium Pantothenate,
calcium Citrate,
magnesium Citrate,
sodium Citrate
choline Citrate,
potassium chloride,
calcium Phosphates,
Sulfates of iron,
zinc sulphate ,
copper sulphate
manganese Sulphate,
Bicarbonate of sodium and potassium,
potassium Iodide.

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