Galénic Ophycee Elixir youth Supreme 30ml

Concentrate pure wrinkle - blue-green algae firmness for all skin types
Manufacturer: Galénic


SKU 6003103 Galénic Ophycee Elixir youth Supreme 30ml

fondant Serum, it fills wrinkles and plumps immediately your skin.
Galénic laboratories associated with 3 unique anti-wrinkle assets in a pure, fluid serum and :
-blue-green algae, the origin of life on Earth, including the extraordinary life force can strengthen and fill the wrinkles from the inside.
-microspheres of hyaluronic acid that fixing wrinkles-dip , become engorged water for effect rejuvenating long duration.
-illumiatrices pearls that bring your skin "hit of Radiance". immediate
visibly plumped, your skin regains a new youth and a complexion brilliant.

Pierre Fabre Laboratoites have a rigorous approach to the dermo-cosmetics, based on its drug culture. This laboratory is advised by the phramaciens but also by dermatologists. Galenic laboratories are specialized in three areas: skin, assets and the dosage. All elaborate care are based on expertise and innovative research enabling them to be innovative and effective.

operating tips:
apply morning and/or evening on face and neck before the daily care.
can be used year-round or to cure 21 days.

keeps 12 months after opening.

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