Galénic Nectalys care night smoothing relaxing 50ml

Essential fruit nectar Premiieres rides for all skin types
Manufacturer: Galénic
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SKU 9722456 Galénic Nectalys care night smoothing relaxing 50ml

Properties: concentrated asset smoothing, this gourmet cream prevents, corrects early wrinkles and relaxes the strokes for a peach skin effect guaranteed to wake up. Galénic laboratories have created an essential fruit nectar, extract 100% natural fishing, figs and Tangerine to recharge your cells vitamin C antioxidant, energizing polyglucides and magnesium deatigant. Real concentrated efficiency, it prevents and smooth the first signs of aging (wrinkles, loss of radiance). By stimulating cell regeneration, lactic acid corrects first wrinkles, marks of stress and fatigue. skin thins, the face finds its brilliance. Smoothed, soothed and intensely moisturized, your skin takes advantage of all the benefits of a night care ultra-relaxant. the Pierre Fabre Laboratoites have a rigorous approach to the dermo-cosmetics, based on its culture pharmaeutique. This laboratory is advised by the phramaciens but also by es dermatologists. Galenic laboratories are specialized in three areas: skin, assets and the dosage. All elaborate care come from expertise and innovative research enabling them to be innovative and effective. operating tips: Apply in the evening on face and neck. Conservation: Keeps 6 months after opening