Galénic care Sun Spray oil dry silky body SPF15 150ml

Care Sun at the uncaria of Amazon, invisible to a satin Tan spray

Manufacturer: Galénic

SKU: 9740827 Galénic care Sun Spray oil dry silky body SPF15 150ml

Properties: Spray dry oil, medium protection, SPF15 Non oily, silky dry oil SPF 15 protects your skin during sun exposure and leaves embellished and moisturized, with a Tan satin. stable and effective Protection against sunburn. Pierre Fabre Laboratoites have a rigorous approach to the dermo-cosmetics, based on its culture pharmaeutique. This laboratory is advised by the phramaciens but also by es dermatologists. Galenic laboratories are specialized in three areas: skin, assets and the dosage. All elaborate care come from expertise and innovative research enabling them to be innovative and effective. operating tips: Shake before use and apply sufficient on the whole face and body before exposing yourself to the sun. Renew the application frequently and after each bath, after perspiring, swimming or you being wiped. Conservation : keeps 12 months after opening.