Galénic care sun milk SPF50 100ml body cream

Care Sun at the Amazon invisible to a light Tan milk uncaria
Manufacturer: Galénic


SKU 9740767 Galénic care sun milk SPF50 100 ml body cream

velvety milk light, invisible to the application, it protects and effectively moisturizes your skin which is sunny for a Tan light.
Galénic laboratories have delved in the treetops of the Amazon rainforest, a preciseuse antioxidant pritection source against the harmful effects of the Sun: the Creeper of uncaria of Amazon. Associated with the Tinosorbs filters, which give your skin a stable and effective protection against UVA and UVB, it preserves the DNA of your cells and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and spots. Effectively protected from photo-aging, your skin keeps firmness and flexibility. Protects from sunburn, your Tan is brilliant.

operating tips:
Renew the application frequently and after each bath, after perspiring, swimming or you be wiped.

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