Galen the nature of Cologne Ochidee 200ml

Eau de Cologne to the Orchid to give skin a sensual fragrance with floral notes.

Manufacturer: Claude Galien

SKU: 3002006 Galen the nature of Cologne 200ml Ochidee

Claude Galien creates full of life, color and elegant sensations. Specialist in eau de Cologne, offers the collection after Nature.


offers the collection after Nature water Cologne delicately perfumed with fruity, refreshing, or intense notes.

water of Cologne orchid is a scent of tradition that brings a delicate and sweet floral touch to the female species.

this water of Cologne is indicated for women. It gives the skin a sensual fragrance with the orchid.

throughout the day, your skin is sublimated and toned.

Claude Galien colognes Orchid operating tips:

apply the eau de cologne spray behind the ears and at the level of the cleavage.


Keep away from heat. Flammable.