Galderma Curaspot Dermacontrol moisturizer SPF30 118ml

moisturizer index 30 formulated for skin prone to rebuild the skin barrier and protect rays UV.
Manufacturer: Cetaphil
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SKU: 6273928 Galderma Curaspot Dermacontrol moisturizer SPF30 118 ml


Galderma laboratory has developed a new range of products formulated for skin prone.

, Curasport Dermacontrol cream moisturizing SPF30 is an a SPF 30 for people with acne prone skin.

Indeed, this cream is specially formulated to moisturize the skin with acne:

  • it moisturizes and rebuilt the barrier technology Ceramides,

  • it provides high protection UVA/UVB to protect radiation UV.

  • it contains zinc, a agent matting to prevent appearance bright skin,

  • it can be used alone or in combination of dermatological treatment,

  • it allows to reduce dryness, redness, tightness and sensations of burning,

  • it prevents the photosensiblite.

Thus, the skin is oily and hydrated.

Curaspot Dermacontrol moisturizer operating tips:

Apply the cream every morning on a previously cleaned skin.

Apply again through prolonged exposure to the Sun.


Produces non-comedogenic and unscented.