Furterer Volumea care Expander 125ml Spray

fine hair care Expander.
Manufacturer: Furterer
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SKU 4879532 Furterer Volumea care Expander 125 ml Spray


Ce Spray Care Expander is no-rinse, it takes off the roots and gives body to lengths through properties volumising and texturising of the natural extract of carob. hair are curved from the roots to the ends for a long maintenance period. its light texture gives the hair a natural touch soft and silky effect. not sticky, it facilitates the styling without weighing down the hair. Static electricity is stopped thanks to the presence of a specific agent. cetrimonium chloride

volume Spray care Expenseur tips:

to use after shampooing, spray the roots and on the whole of the wrung out hair. perform styling. do not rinse.