Furterer Vitalfan vitality Lot 3 x 30 capsules

Restores strength and vitality to the hair tired and brittle nails.
Manufacturer: Furterer


SKU 2608823 Furterer Vitalfan vitality Lot 3 x 30 capsules


Vitalfan vitality capsules regenerate and strengthen the hair thin and tired, and weak and brittle nails. The composition of this dietary supplement brings vitamins and magnesium and also helps to combat energy. passengers drops

Vitalfan vitality Composition:

  • The combination of vitamin B8, Zinc and a watercress extract

they will act synergistically to stimulate the synthesis of keratin.

  • Of Magnesium, copper and Manganese

They will limit the effects of stress and fatigue to preserve of beautiful hair and nails.

  • Of the hazelnut oil

Rich in omega 6 helps maintain the hydrolipidic film.

  • Vitamin E and Selenium

They are antioxidant substances.

operating tips:

Take 1 capsule per day during a meal.
complete Cure of 3 months recommended for optimal efficiency (or 3 boxes of 30 capsules).

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