Furterer Vitalfan hair and nail vitality Cure 3 months 90 capsules

Dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails. special cure 3 months

Manufacturer: Furterer

SKU: 7935718 Vitalfan vitality hair and nail strength and Resistance 3 months Cure

Hair and nails are made of keratin. The quality of keratin can change depending on different factors: stress, pollution...

It is therefore necessary to make a contribution of vitamins and trace elements to maintain your hair and your nails healthy. Vitalfan vitality brings you these elements in the form of plant assets of natural origin.

These elements is mainly involved in:

  • participate in the maintenance of your hair and your nails healthy
  • improve protein synthesis
  • mitigate fatigue and asthenia
  • protect cells against oxidative damage

operating tips

Take one capsule per day during your meal for 3 months.

Attention, a dietary supplement cannot substitute for one balanced meal.