Furterer Vitalfan anti-hair loss reaction batch of 3 x 30 capsules

Stops the reaction hair loss. Learn more
Manufacturer: Furterer


SKU 2608792 Furterer Vitalfan anti-hair loss reaction Lot 3 x 30 capsules


Capsules Vitalfan anti-hair loss reaction of Ren Furterer, are supplements designed to fight the hair loss caused by stress or fatigue. Its formula of vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids, promotes the development of the hair bulb. Black currant extract stimulates blood circulation to bring nutrients favorable to the growth of hair.

exclusive formula that acts on the 2 factors responsible for the reaction of hair loss:

  • Vascular: stimulates microcirculation with the blackcurrant extract to maximise energy elements and nutrients essential for optimum hair growth.
  • Nutrition: brings the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, acidic amino, fatty acids) essential to the proper development of the hair bulb.

Vitalfan fall reaction operating tips:

only 1 capsule a day, during a meal, 3 months.

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