Furterer Vitalfan anti-hair loss Progressive Lot of 3 x 30 capsules

Vitalfan is on the factor responsible for the progressive hair loss. Learn more
Manufacturer: Furterer


SKU 2608786 Furterer Vitalfan anti-hair loss Progressive Lot 3 x 30 capsules


Vitalfan fall capsules are a dietary supplement suitable for different hair falls caused by an internal imbalance of hereditary and hormonal, or seasonal, or reactive origin such as stress, the after pregnancy and fatigue excessive.
Vitalfan fall brings the essential elements contributing to curb the fall and to promote healthy and strong hair growth.

Vitalfan gradual fall formula acts on 3 factors responsible for the progressive hair loss.

Vitalfan gradual fall action:

  • Vascular: stimulates microcirculation with the extract of Citrus Aurantium, to maximise energy elements and essential nutrients in an optimum growth of hair.
  • Hormonal: regulates the production of sebum, aggravating the fall of hair, thanks to natural Curbicia extract, acting synergistically ave cla vitamin B6 and zinc for a healthy and vigorous shoot.
  • Tissue: protects the hair bulb thanks to vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, associated with the cardamine and biotin, fostering an environment conducive to the development of strong hair.

operating tips:

It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day to the Court of a meal for 3 months for optimum performance.

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