Furterer Okara Active Light Nectar light 100ml

Treatment nourishing and illuminator for highlights or bleached hair.
Manufacturer: Furterer
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SKU 9871771 Furterer Okara Active Light Nectar light 100 ml


Nectar light laboratories Furterer Okara activator is a no-rinse for hair highlighted and bleached, to reveal their shine and illuminate. targeted this soint will restore hair damaged and desiccated. nourished, your hair finds all its brilliance and remains Delicately scented.

composition Nectar light:

  • Extract of Okara natural

This powerful plant, is selected for its special affinity with keratin protein, which optimizes the regeneration and the restructuring of the hair.

  • Extract honey natural

Honey intensely nourishes and releases an antioxidant activity, which preserves the brightness of bits and bleached hair and keeps hair soft and supple.

operating tips:

apply a DAB of treatment on your hair washed and dried or dry hair, and then proceed to the styling.