Furterer Naturia shampoo dry Lot 2x150ml

SKU: 2596505 Furterer Naturia shampoo dry Lot 2x150ml


this Naturia dry shampoo restores volume and lightness to the hair. More need for water, it facilitates the styling. Absorbs l ' excess sebum and impurities through the absorbent clay it contains. " The scalp is sanitizes. It is suitable for all hair types. Well shake and spray 30 cm of dry hair. Let stand 2 minutes. Rub with a towel and then brush.

composition Naturia dry shampoo:

powders of starch from rice and corn. Clay and silica powders. BCyclodextrines, colourful iron oxides, essential oils of basil, caraway and Peppermint, perfume, preservative