Furterer Melaleuca shampoo dandruff dry 150ml tube


SKU: 7690433 Furterer Melaleuca shampoo dandruff dry 150 ml tube


Leather scalp with dandruff.

Thanks to this creamy shampoo hair found radiance and suppleness. With Melaleuca, we enjoy to the best of the sensory benefits provided by oils essential Ren Furterer.

Dry dandruff and dry scalp.


After rinsing the Gel dealing with MELALEUCA, apply this shampoo on the scalp. Massage. Rinse.

Apply a second time leaving lay 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

Use one to two times per week.

Avoid contact with eyes.


Oil of Melaleuca, Acetamide, zinc, camphor, safflower oil Pytithione.

Perfume. Unpreserved.