Furterer Lissea fluid smoothing 125ml

This fluid moisturizing and protective Tames unruly hair.
Manufacturer: Furterer


SKU 5112347 Lissea fluid Furterer smoothing 125ml


Lissea fluid Lissant, laboratories Furterer is enriched in winter cherry, extract of natural origin, the straightening virtues beeswax and avocado oil with nutritive properties. This fluid helps blow-dry hair smooth and light. Its silky texture allows you to control the volume and control Frizz, while protecting hair fibers of hair dryer and straightener iron heat.

Lissea fluid Lissant operating tips:

Apply some hazelnut product on damp hair. Do not rinse. Proceed to blow-drying. For a perfect finish, apply a bead of product on the longeueurs after blow-drying. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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