Furterer anti-hair loss RF 80 concentrated Cabinet 12 bulbs

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Manufacturer: Furterer


SKU 7277302 Furterer anti-hair loss RF 80 concentrated Cabinet 12 ampoules


Anti-hair loss RF 80 acts directly on the factors responsible for the reaction of hair loss, promotes hair growth and significantly slows their fall.

Set of 12 bulbs be three months of treatment. Reactive or seasonal hair loss observed especially in women linked to stress, fatigue, pregnancy, a dietary imbalance or drug treatments.

Furterer RF 80 operating tips:

Use RF80 once a week for three months.

Apply a stripe by stripe on a clean scalp. Massage from the tip of the fingers for good scalp do penetrate the product.

Do not rinse.


Extract from Pfaffia , essential oils of Sage and lemon, Arginine, vitamin PP, vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin F, biotin, trace elements, plant Peptides. Conservative. Fragrance free.

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