Frontline Spray 100ml

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Protection for cats and dogs from fleas, ticks and lice.


Frontline spray is a treatment that kills fleas and ticks on contact on your pet's skin. After application, Frontline does not absorb into your pet's bloodstream but concentrates in the skin sebum (a thin surface layer) and is thus stored in the sebaceous glands. Frontline therefore remains in place even several weeks after the initial application. It is resistant to rain, baths and shampoo washes. Fleas and ticks coming into contact with the insecticide/acaricide molecule on the skin of the animal are killed. Frontline targets the nervous system of pests which then die through nervous hyperarousal.

Recommended Use:

The recommended dose is 3 to 6ml per kilogram of weight. Apply to the skin against the grain and make sure that all of the coat is wet. In the case of high parasitic risk or for animals with a long or thick coat: use the highest dose of FRONTLINE Spray (6 ml/kg). To treat the head, as well as young and nervous animals, it is recommended to wear a glove, spray into the palm and rub on to the animal.

Number of sprays:

100ml spray bottle: 6 to 12 sprays for 1 kg of live weight. 
250 or 500ml spray bottle: 2 to 4 sprays for 1 kg of live weight. 

Example: For a labrador weighing 40kg; 80 to 160 bottle sprays from either the 250 or 500ml bottles.

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Best flea and tick product
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