Forte Pharma Specific belly 45 + 56 capsules


SKU 5379234 Forte Pharma slimming tummy 45 + 56 capsules

Women + Belly Dish is a complete and response natural expectations of women 45 years and + who want to refine their tower size.

Action product:
the effectiveness of women + belly dish lies in the innovation of a dual action weight loss & probiotic, which helps to :
-reduce the abdominal curves with L-carnitine, burner of fats present naturally in the body. Coriander enhances the flat stomach effect and ensures the well-being. digestive
-decrease feelings of bloating due to the presence of 5 billion probiotics.

Forte Pharma laboratories have selected 3 strains of probiotics :
-Bifidobacterium Lactis BB12
-Lactobacillus Casei
-Lactobacillus Acidophilus
these three strains of probiotics :
> reinforce the intestinal flora
> improve gastrointestinal well-being and natural defenses
> fight feelings of bloating
> Stimulate the level of 'useful' bacteria in the body
> Help the digestive system optimization

operating tips:
Take 1 green capsule in the morning and 1 white capsule at night, preferably 20 minutes before meals, with a full glass of water.
a dietary supplement must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a way of life healthy.

Composition :
L-carnitine; Coriander; Probiotics (5 billion cfu *), 3 strains: Bifidobacterium Lactis BB12, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Acidophilus

* UFC: Colony Forming Unit (unit of measurement of bacteria by culture) - Content to manufacture

56 capsules

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