Forte Pharma Specific belly 45 + 28 capsules

complement food slimming for women over 45 years to refine their silhouette and a flat stomach.
Manufacturer: Forté Pharma
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SKU 5379228 Forte Pharma Specific belly 45 + 28 capsules


The stage of menopause is accompanied by small changes in the level of the silhouette: waist thickens, the belly grows rounder.

This is why the Forte Pharma laboratory has developed Specific belly 45 +. It is a dietary supplement that meets the expectations of the women over 45 years in order to have a flat stomach.

It contains a combination of assets acting in synergy:

  • L - carnitine,

  • d e coriander,

  • chicory

  • and lactic ferments.

Thus, this food supplement refines the silhouette to feel good in her skin. It reduces the waist curves and bloating. Calories are burned and the digestive functioning improved.

Tips for using Forte Pharma Specific belly 45 +:

Daily take 1 green capsule in the morning and 1 white capsule at night with a glass of water, preferably 20 minutes before the meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


This food supplement should not be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

This product is gluten-free and gelatine free.

A store in a cool and dry.

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