Forte Pharma slimming Turbo Detox taste Apple 500ml

SKU: 2080204 Forte Pharma slimming Turbo Detox taste Apple 500 ml

slimming Turbo Detox to refine its silhouette and lose a few pounds while detoxifying his body.

at base of plant extracts specifically selected, with natural sweeteners (steviol glycosides) and dye-free artificial (in accordance with the regulations in force), TURBO Detox brings you a complete, natural solution to help you:

refine the silhouette: green tea is involved in the metabolism of lipids and contributes to the oxidation of fats.

contributes to the elimination of the body functions: thanks to the natural virtues of green mate.

Turbodetox is highly concentrated in plants and provides the equivalent of 27.75 grams of plants (approximately 10 infused teas!) with assays controls in assets. Steviol glycosides extracted from the STEVIA plant naturally dilute the drink obtained, no calorie-free! operating tips: dilute 10 ml in 300 ml of water to renew 5 times per day shake before use. It is advisable to drink 1.5 L per day. Cure for 10 days to renew. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 10 days. Composition: 100% of natural origin, green Tea and Mat. natural Sweeteners, stevia is an herb traditionally used in Paraguay for its sweetness without calories.

natural dye, the hibiscus is a natural dye commonly used in culinary dishes or beverages.