Forte Pharma slimming 24 strong 45 + 28 tablets

SKU: 2131148 Forte Pharma slimming 24 strong 45 + 28 tablets


the dietary supplement slimming 24 Fort 45 +, the Forte Pharma laboratory, is indicated for women over 45 years wishing to refine and strengthen their silhouette.

Tablet day Associates:

  • horsetail which facilitates weight loss and facilitates the functions of elimination,

  • chilli,

  • zinc, which complements the action day by contributing to the normal metabolism of fatty acids.

Tablet night Associates:

  • chromium which helps in the maintenance of normal glucose control

  • the biosilica, collagen, elastin and vitamin B8,

  • coenzyme Q10, a protective antioxidant cellular,

  • B2 vitamin that helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

Tips for using Forte Pharma slimming 24 Fort 45 +:

slimming 24 Fort 45 + is effective in dietary measures and food hygiene controlled accompaniment.

take 1 tablet white day before breakfast with a glass of water. Take 1 tablet pink night before dinner with a glass of water.

provide a one month to renew program.

do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


a dietary supplement not replace a varied and balanced diet.