Forte Pharma slimming 24 Fort Men 28 tablets


SKU 2131150 Forte Pharma slimming 24 Fort Men 28 tablets

based on his 10 years of expertise in chronobiology thinness, a science that defines the phases of activities maximum and minimum of the various organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas...) on a 24 hour cycle, Forte Pharma laboratories innovate with slimming 24 strong men. This new formula enriched, responds to the expectations of the men with a slimming action optimal 24/24.

Action product:
slimming 24 Fort men formula respects the natural rhythms of the body and thus offers optimum effectiveness
Tablet day combines horsetail, which facilitates weight loss and contributes to renal elimination functions. Zinc full day tablet form contributing to the normal metabolism of fatty acids.

The night Tablet contains Oxylia-OX and chromium which helps in the maintenance of normal glucose control. Addition to the formula of vitamins and minerals.

operating tips:
Take a tablet in the morning before breakfast and one tablet Day Night the evening before dinner with a glass of water.

a dietary supplement must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a way of life. healthy

(1) the horsetail facilitates the loss of weight in addition to dietary measures & facilitates elimination functions.) (2) the pepper helps burn fat. (3) the chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal glucose control. (4) the vitamin B6 contributes to the normal metabolism of protein. (5) the vitamins B6, B9 contribute to normal synthesis of amino acids. (6) the Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis. (7) the vitamin B5 contributes to the normal steroid hormones normal synthesis and aumetabolisme. (8) the vitamin B8 contributes to normal metabolism of macronutrients and a normal energy metabolism.

14 day and 14 tablets night tablets

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