Forte Pharma slimming 24 Fort Lot of 2 x 28 tablets


SKU: 2131146 Forte Pharma slimming 24 Fort Lot of 2 x 28 tablets

description: Slimming 24 Fort, is the first nutritional supplement chronobiological acting across the Board. His secret: action at the right place and at the right time. Throughout the day and night, its assets become available to make you lose weight. Action product: 4 actions slimming to respond effectively to the requirements of chronobiology slimming your body. agenda it combines horsetail, which facilitates weight loss and acts on functions of elimination, pepper that helps burn fat.

Zinc full action day by contributing to the normal metabolism of fatty acids night night Tablet contains of the Ox Oxylia, an exclusive complex of natural herbal and chromium which helps in the maintenance of a normal blood sugar. It combines also of collagen, elastin and vitamin B3 to help maintain skin. operating tips: 1 tablet (white) day in the morning before breakfast + 1 tablet (blue) the night before the dinner to take with a glass of water. not recommended for women pregnant or lactating and children less than eight years without medical advice; Presence of soy lecithin, fish, caseinates and sulphites. conditioning: Lot of 2 times 28 tablets.