Forte Pharma Expert Autobronz 20 light bulbs

SKU: 4451857 Forte Pharma Autobronz 3 c 20 Ampoules

Properties: the effectiveness of AutoBronz 3 c is based on a complex rich in carotenoids 3: standard carrot extract, palm oil red, tomato extract titrated. To soften the skin and brighten the complexion, AutoBronz 3 c also contains the evening primrose oil, moisturizing properties and the lemon Bioflavonoids that promote the microcirculation at face level. operating tips: take a bulb per day, morning, pure or slightly diluted in a little water. Excellent taste apricot-carrot! Renewable 20 days cure. AutoBronz 3 c does not exempt from the use of a sunscreen suitable for your skin type.