Fluocaril toothpaste white 75ml

efficiency sustainable whiteness.
Manufacturer: Fluocaril


SKU 7384972 Fluocaril toothpaste white 75 ml

low abrasiveness.
Efficiency whiteness sustainable.
Paste toothpaste aroma mint

Fluocaril enhances the brightness and the natural whiteness of the email through its effect polishing and its action anti-scale.
fluocaril whiteness specially designed formula promotes the removal of dental plaque and polishes the enamel smooth; it allows to diminish the appearance of superficial staining of the enamel and reveals day after day the natural whiteness of teeth.

operating tips :
Fluocaril whiteness can be used in daily brushing while respecting the enamel of teeth thanks to the low abrasiveness of the dough.
for children over 6 years and adults.
Compatible with everyday use.
don't swallow.

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