Fluocaril toothpaste Junior 7 to 12 years Gel 50ml Bubble

Toothpaste-flavoured Bubble for ages 7 to 12
Manufacturer: Fluocaril
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SKU 7641015 Fluocaril toothpaste Junior 7 to 12 years Gel Bubble 50 ml

its content in Fluorine (500 ppm) promotes the prevention of caries and is compatible with the regular ingestion of fluorinated tablets. See to that effect your doctor or your dentist. Its mild cleansing base meets the enamel and gums of children

operating tips:
be sure that the child uses the value of a pea of toothpaste and tell him not swallowing it.
It is recommended to brush your teeth after each meal.

contains a derivative fluorinated.
sorbitol, hydrated silica, aqua, PEG 8 , aroma, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose gum, polyglyceryl-3 hydroxylauryl ether, sodium saccharin, sodium monoflurorophosphate, methylparaben, sodium fluoride, propylparaben, CI 42051

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