Florame Serum High Correction 30ml

Serum anti age high correction tasks and firmness.

Manufacturer: Florame

SKU: 7002233


Serum anti age


Anti-aging High Correction the Serum anti-aging High Correction provides a solution targeted against the signs of age. - it reduces spots thanks to its licorice extract - and acts effectively against the loss of firmness it is also enriched with extract of lavender Butterfly bio anti-wrinkle and restructuring of the epidermis. Effectiveness proven, measured by a dermatologist *: Reduction of the age-related tasks improvement in skin firmness efficiency described by consumers:-skin toned and strengthened: 70% - complexion unified: 80% - face less dull, more luminous complexion: 75% - nourished skin: 95% - more flexible skin: 85% - more comfortable skin: 90% 90% of the women found their skin more beautiful!

Tips to use:

Operating tips: on clean skin, apply morning and evening to face, dcollet and hands, under the daily care. Can be used all year round or to cure intensive for 4 weeks. For optimal effectiveness, avoid exposure to the Sun.