Florame oil Massage draining 120ml

Massage oil tonic where your body is comforted, slender and lightweight.

Manufacturer: Florame

SKU: 7002248


Oil massage


Enjoy a stimulating massage where your body is comforted, slender and light. Massage oil draining Florame offers tone and well-being, thanks to its exclusive complex of essential oils and organic vegetable oils. Scent wooded Cypress and Cedar Atlas, allied to the powerful and fresh Peppermint scent invigorates and bring freshness and lightness to your body. Vegetable oil of Calophyllum, remedial and purifying virtues, associated with the precious vegetable oils of kernel of apricot, Jojoba, sweet almond and Sesame with nourishing and soothing virtues, protects and beautifies your skin.

Tips to use:

Instructions for use: apply the oil generously on the body for a massage or a treatment. Avoid exposure to sunlight after application.


Safety precautions: do not use in pregnant or lactating women or children under age 7.