Florame foam 150ml

Shave man, softens the hair and facilitates the sliding blade

Manufacturer: Florame

SKU: 7001286


Shaving man


By the mechanical action of the pump and without propellant, this shaving cream instantly turns into a light and creamy foam that softens the hair and facilitates the sliding of the blade. In addition to the restorative and protective action of the essential oil of Cedar Bio and vegetable organic Argan oil, the essential oil of lavender Bio reduces small skin problems (redness, razor... fire). Peppermint hydrolat and vegetable Glycerin refresh and soothe your skin. A close, comfortable shave. A surprising melting texture!

Tips to use:

Instructions for use: apply on skin moistened with lukewarm water. Well massage the area to shave by lather to accentuate the smoothness of the texture. Rinse once finished shaving. Use in Duet with the oil of shaving Florame for tough beards.