Fixies 18 baby diapers size 5 Junior 11-25 Kg

Package of 18 layers which guarantee protection and comfort to baby.
Manufacturer: Hartmann


SKU: 3080105


Fixies 18 diapers baby size 5 Junior has a micro-aerated 'Dry Skin' veil that leaves the skin of your baby to breathe. It contains a very soft cushion that is tested under dermatological control. Baby spends a night to dry with this layer that guarantees up to 12 hours of absorption. It has a usable elastic fastener such as fastening system for linking the front and the back of the diaper the baby. French manufacture.


package of 18 diapers size 5 junior.

Operating tips

Out the side rails before changing baby. Attach the clips on each side of the Exchange on the decorated band.


100% natural latex free.


Package of 18 layers of 11 to 25 kg.