Five on five Technislap repellent Orange Bracelet


SKU: 6313119 five on five Technislap repellent Orange Bracelet


orange technislap repellent bracelet contains bracelet + recharge.

Its natural formulation based citriodiol and lavender can repel mosquitoes.

Its active ingredients act sustainably and continuously for optimal protection during 15 days.

Easy to carry, this bracelet gets carried away with you everywhere. It has been designed to resist water, so you can keep it even during bathing or showering.

Charging being formulated with essential oils, bracelet system prevents therefore contact recharge with the skin to protect it from potential reactions.

Is suitable for pregnant women and can be given to a child aged 3.

The bracelet and its two refills ensure you maximum protection for a period of 30 days and nights.


Mosquito repellent bracelet

operating tips

Attach the bracelet on the wrist or ankle.

Change the recharge every 15 days of use.


1 bracelet

2 refills for 15 days each