Five on five family Lotion insect repellent 100ml

Mosquito repellent lotion to protect the skins of all the family.

Manufacturer: Cinq Sur Cinq

SKU: 6075074

Five on five family repellent 100ml Lotion


Five out of five has developed for the protection of the family the Lotion mosquito family.

Indeed, the mosquitoes are biting insects more present around us. However, they can transmit diseases dangerous like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, lymphatic filariasis and Japanese encephalitis. Therefore, it is essential to protect the family.

This mosquito repellent lotion is effective for 8 hours on all the mosquitoes on the mosquito stem.

In addition, she is adapted to family from 6 months and pregnant women.

Your skin is protected permanently. Mosquitoes do not bite you.


Mosquito protection for the whole family from 6 months.

Operating tips

  • From 6 to 42 months: 1 application per day.

  • 42 months to 12 years: 2 applications per day.

  • From 12 years: 3 applications per day.


Acetyl-N-Butyl-Alanine of ethyl.