FittyDent Professional pads adhesives box 15


SKU 7456298 FittyDent Professional pads adhesives box 15

bearings guarantee a safe and perfect between the lower denture and gingiva fixing
Non-soluble, the bearings are resistant to food and beverage. They are particularly effective in the case of salivation excessive.
their texture and aroma without ensures a natural and comfortable in the morning feeling at night.
they form a bond between the denture and the gum preventing any insertion of food particles, sources of discomfort.
their establishing and stabilizing power can effectively reduce the risk of irritation related to the friction of the prosthesis.
without aroma , they do not alter the taste of the food.
without zinc.

operating tips:
-Wash and dry the denture properly
-Remove the protective film from the adhesive pad
-Ask the pad inside for lower jaw and strongly support
-If necessary, adjust the length of the adhesive pad with scissors
-Turn in place and tighten the jaws

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