FittyDent cleaning tray + tablets cleaners & cream 10ml extra-strong

FittyDent Cabinet cleaning of dentures with care cleaners and cream extra-strong
Manufacturer: Fittydent


SKU 5141610 Fitty tooth cleaning + 4 bin cleaners and 1 cream 10 ml extra-strong tablets available

Properties FittyDent box

Care Fittydent for dental appliances complete system developed in close collaboration with universities and dentists to resolve all problems relating to your dental appliance.

Fiitydent is a different complement of all conventional adhesives. Fittydent acts as a genuine adhesive assuring a safe and strong fixation between the braces and gum. easy to use, with a single application of Fittydent cream, your dental appliance will remain in place throughout the day.

Fittydent does not eliminate when in contact with liquids: its patented formula is non-hydro-soluble.

advice of use fittydent box

use of fixing cream Fittydent

  1. Wash and properly dry your dentures.

2. apply fixing cream online, not too close to the edges.
3. Carefully close the tube after use.
4. Put the unit in place and tighten the jaws.
5. You can eat, drink, smile with confidence!

tablets cleaned:
1. Remove your device and rub it under water with a brush teeth.
2. Put a Tablet cleaner in a glass of warm water sufficiently filled to cover the prosthesis or appliance orthodontic.
3. Immerse the prosthesis or appliance in the solution, effervescent.
4. Leave your prosthesis or appliance in the solution for 5 minutes. It is possible to leave the prosthesis in this Fittydent solution overnight without any risk.
5. Remove and rinse your denture or appliance in the water current.
6. Dry it completely before applying the cream or adhesive pads Fittydent.

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